Superior's Message
Superior Message (Sr.Tina Farias)

This year 2018 Loreto Convent Entally will complete 175 years of empowering children . Initially caring for children in creches, to seeing them through school leaving examinations from Modern School Final in the earlier days through National Open School to ICSE and ISC, from Secretarial Courses, Computer skills, sports and a myriad extra curricular activities, Loreto Entally children leave us ready to face the demands of life. The sponsored children in our school and hostel are the ones who have been and are the heart of our endeavours. They are children who with love , patience, and sheer medical and physical care and academic guidance have developed into women who are strong and competent , women who withstand the storms of life, women who are among the strongest of "India's daughters".

None of this would have been possible without the support of our parents, our colleagues and coworkers and most of all our benefactors.

Our prayer remains that God will bless our efforts and imbue our spirits with enthusiasm and compassion for the children we serve. May our students always hold on to the values of " justice , freedom, sincerity and joyful hope " that our foundress Mary Ward held dear.

Sr. Tina Farias
Sr. Superior
Loreto Convent, Entally

Superior Message (Antoinette Rodrigues)
Superior Message (Antoinette Rodrigues)

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