Co-Curriculum Activities

In the creation of fully developed individuals, filled with respect for themselves and the world around them, interaction and doing is as important as academics. Besides sports such as basketball, students of Loreto Convent School, Entally, are encouraged to join our action groups, which do meaningful work, within the the school - and the larger world beyond.

The ideal of Service is set before the pupils who are expected to give themselves unselfishly to their immediate duty, to have an awareness of the needs of those around them which will bring them, eventually, to a realization that the welfare of humankind requires that all contribute to society, that they help others and that they serve their fellowbeings. It is hoped that the pupils of Loreto will leave the school with a strong conviction that, in the words of Gandhiji, “Happiness consists not in what you can get, but in what you can give.” All girls, therefore, from class IV upwards are required to do some form of social work. Classes VIII – X are given opportunities for development of personality and leadership skills through movements like :

Y.C.S (Young Christian Students) gives opportunities to become involved in Liturgy including choir both at school and parish level.

L.T.S (Leadership Training Service) helps the students to put God above self through prayer and social activities. L.T.S. challenges the students to value themselves so that they become responsible citizens of the country and world.

J.P.I.C (Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation) helps the students to reflect on situations of injustice, on their causes and possible remedies, and challenges them to think of others (children deprived of the advantages of education) and to work for them.

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