Fees Regulations
  1. Fees should be paid into The FEDERAL BANK (Tangra) Branch, from 01st to 15th of the month for which they are due/ or online through our website- www.loretoentally.org
  2. Fees for September and October should be paid by September 15th.
  3. All Classes must pay all fees upto and including March before February 15th.
  4. A penalty LATE FINE of Rs.50/-will charge for every month (Cumulative) for any fee paid after the due date i.e; 15th of every month.
  5. If fees are not paid for 3 consecutive months the parent must intimate the school authorities or else her name will be struck off without notice.
  6. A calendar months’ notice or a month’s fees paid in lieu of notice must be given before a child is withdrawn from school.
  7. Fees once paid into the bank are non-refundable.
    School fees will be raised every year by 10% or as required.

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