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Loreto Convent School Entally was started 1843, by the Sisters of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary – founded by Mary Ward in the 17th century. Born in difficult times, Mary Ward had the sagacity to foresee that “Women in time to come will do much” and pioneered the movement for the education of women so that they could take their rightful place in society and constructively contribute towards it. Such a profound mission would have been incomplete without her. Loreto Convent Entally perseveres in the path shown by this indomitable woman...

First founded for Catholic children, Loreto Entally now encompasses children from all communities, enshrining India’s Unity in Diversity. The vision of Mary Ward is carried forward by the Sisters who aim to provide spiritual education to the girls while promoting their all around development.

Growing concerned over the plight of Christian children in Calcutta in the 1830s, Dr Bakhaus was commissioned to recruit Sisters. He went to Mother Teresa Ball who after much prayer agreed to send six of her best Sisters. On Dec 30th, 1841, six brave nuns landed at Babu Ghat.

The journey that began then continues today. Loreto grew in and around Calcutta and continues to affect the lives of many girls, past and present. Loreto Entally was the first Loreto Boarding school in Calcutta for the orphans. While the school, in the true spirit of Mary Ward, has grown and expanded to include girls from various socio-economic and religious backgrounds, its main thrust towards the poor continues to be its primary aim.

The school aims to cater to the intellectual and social as well as spiritual needs of the children. While there is full scope to develop their knowledge and talents, there is alongside regular classes and programmes to ensure the moral development of children.

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