Superior's Message
Superior Message (Sr. Flora Anthony )

Mary Ward’s Glory Vision reminds us that God’s glory is found in human beings, fully alive and open to service in new and untried ways.

At this present time we are called to think and act in new and creative ways of doing things and reaching out to our students and people around us. This has helped us to be fully alive even though the situation has been challenging.

I am blessed to be part of Loreto Entally, and have the opportunity to serve here. Loreto Entally has been often referred to as a ‘school with a heart’, and is a special place for many of our students who have not only been part of the school structure but have lived here and made it their home for 10 to 12 years.

Our mission is to promote Holistic Development in students, for the realization of their full potential (intellectual, spiritual, physical, social and emotional). We ensure that our sincere efforts will encourage your child to develop their personality which will enable them to contribute towards the betterment of self, society & the world.

We endeavour to build in our students a value system that would stand the test of time. Truth, courage, determination and freedom must be deeply ingrained in their personality so that they become better leaders of tomorrow.

My hope would always be that we ensure that each child of the school receives love, dignity and acceptance. The faith that parents have reposed in us gives us an additional sense of responsibility and humanity. I thank the parents for their support and I am sure that they would continue to provide us with valuable suggestions in the future.

I gratefully acknowledge the valuable contribution made by the Sisters, Principal, Staff members, Parents, Friends, Benefactors and Well-wishers for their constant love and support to Entally as with this it would be impossible to carry our mission at Entally educating those who need us.

God bless each one.

Sr. Flora Anthony
Sr. Superior
Loreto Convent, Entally

Superior Message (Sr.Tina Farias)
Superior Message (Sr.Antoinette Rodrigues)
Superior Message (Sr.Antoinette Rodrigues)

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