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Total Records: 5
Name: Susmita Chaki
Date: 29-Jan-2021

How you know: Referred by a friend
Rating: None
Profession: Teacher
Comment: Please do the background check before recruitment of teacher, specially for junior of them I know had been black listed from vision ,utterpara for leaking qs affects morality of the students.
Name: Sonia
Date: 26-Jan-2021

How you know: Referred by a friend
Rating: Very Good
Profession: Govt employee
Comment: I am very inspired by the teaching methods of your school, in this modern era where morals and values are missing in our day to day life ,in your school students learn it very easily through your teachings....i am really a fond of your school and i want my daughter to Study in your school...
Name: Pamela Mitra
Date: 08-Oct-2020

How you know: I am an ex-student
Rating: Excellent
Profession: Service
Comment: Dear Sisters, Im in a deep grief stricken situation with no mental peace. I want to meet you and get relieved. Kindly give me an appointment to talk with you. ASAP

Total Records: 5

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